Equipping Hour

Make Disciples Who Make Disciples

All of our Adult Equipping Hour classes are designed to help you grow in your walk with Christ as you deepen both your knowledge and love for God. They are offered on Sunday mornings beginning at 9:00 am.

Bible Book Classes

Vital Signs: How to Know if You Are Alive in Christ | Joined Heirs | Activity Center
How can you know if you are alive in Christ? Come explore the book of 1 John with us to understand the work of Christ that secures your salvation and the lifestyle that affirms this work in the lives of those who have genuinely believed.

Do you have a genuine fellowship with God, the Creator of heaven and earth? Are you alive in Christ? Come check out a book study of 1 John and check out your “vital signs” so that you might know that you have eternal life. Taught by Paul Hamline and Mike Meadors.

1 & 2 Timothy and Titus | 2 Timothy 2:2 Women’s Class | Room A211
This class consists of prayer time followed by a discussion of assigned verses directed by one of the leaders. We welcome women of all ages who are interested in prayer and Bible study. Led by Ann Adams, Mary Kate Arrington, Charlotte Brotherton, and Yvonne Samons.

Revelation | College and Career Class
We are currently studying the book of Revelation. It’s in this book that we see Christ glorified like nowhere else in Scripture. If you want to study the glory of the risen Christ, join us! We’d love to have you learn with us as we go through this wonderful book. Our class is a mixture of fellowship, teaching, and discussion. So, if you are single and age 18 to 30-ish, we would love to have you join us. Led by Tim Cain and Howard Bennett.

Topical Classes

Conscience Training: Shaping Your Conscience with the Word of God | Room A206
As Christians, how are we supposed to navigate gray areas in life? Are we supposed to follow our hearts or rely on something else? In this class, we will explore the Bible’s teaching on the conscience. We will study what it is and then learn how to cultivate and calibrate it so that we may pursue holiness as God intended. In addition, we will discuss how we should relate to our brothers and sisters in Christ when our consciences disagree. Join us as we learn to shape our consciences with the Word of God. Led by Lawson Hembree and Josh Kwekel.

The Real Thing: BCLR Distinctives | Room A202-204
One outworking of the measure of grace God gives to us in Christ is that there are many different local churches – and BCLR is one of those. When we think of our own local church, we have many ways in which we demonstrate our particular giftedness, and this class is a survey of what we call our “BCLR Distinctives.” In this class, we are going to answer 12 questions about the Christian faith and why BCLR emphasizes them as a local church.

Those questions are:

  • How can we know God?
  • How can we act like we know God?
  • What does it mean to be made in the image of God?
  • What happens when we disagree with God?
  • Should I try to serve God?
  • What is fellowship?
  • How does God want me to relate to other people?
  • Will I ever be perfect? (sanctification & leadership)
  • How can we know we are living together according to God’s plan?
  • How great is God?
  • How good is God?
  • What is worthy of God?

Led by Frank Turk and James Henrich

Seasonal Class

New Member Class
If you are interested in becoming a member of or simply want to learn more about BCLR, please consider attending this class. A final fellowship dinner will be held one evening after the class is completed. You will cover such topics as Philosophy of Ministry, membership requirements, the constitution, bylaws, stewardship and missions as well as information about the various ministries of the church. Please contact Julie Riley in the church office to sign up or for more information.

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