Truth for Life

Truth for Life Class – Do you desire to dig deeper into the most central and foundational aspects of the Christian faith and thus grow in your knowledge of God? The “Truth for Life” class is designed to teach and to equip believers in their grasp of fundamental Bible doctrine and their practice of sound theological living. The class is open to all men and women, as well as older high school students, and meets on the 2nd and 4th Sunday evenings of each month from 6:15-8:00 p.m. in A-204. The class is taught by Pastor Tim Senn.

Required books for the class are Know the Truth by Bruce Milne and Christ’s Prophetic Plans by John MacArthur and Richard Mayhue. This spring semester, we will be studying the doctrine of the End Times.

Class Schedule and Reading Assignments:

Spring 2016

1/10/16 “The Kingdom of God”
Milne, chapter 27 pp. 339-342
1/24/16 “What Is Dispensationalism?”
Christ’s Prophetic Plans, chapters 1-2
2/14/16 “The Second Advent of Christ”
Milne, chapter 28, pp. 342-357
Christ’s Prophetic Plans, chapter 3
2/28/16 *No Meeting – BCLR Mission Conference
3/13/16 “What About Israel?”
Christ’s Prophetic Plans, chapter 5
3/27/16 *No Meeting – Easter
4/10/16 “The Meaning of the Millennium”
Christ’s Prophetic Plans, chapters 6 and 10
4/24/16 “The Rapture Question”
Christ’s Prophetic Plans, chapter 4

Fall 2016

9/11/16 “The Great Tribulation”
9/25/16 “The Second Coming and Millennial Kingdom”
10/9/16 “The Final Judgment”
Milne, chapter 29, pp. 357-371
10/23/16 “The New Heavens and the New Earth”
11/6/16 “The Last Things in Christian Thought”
Milne, chapter 30, pp. 371-377
Christ’s Prophetic Plans, chp. 9
11/20/16 Question and Answer
*No Meetings in December
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