BCLR CHildcare update (July 28)

As of Sunday, August 3rd, childcare for children 0-4 will be available for the main service in accordance with updated guidelines approved by BCLR Leadership. Register your child via KidCheck to help us prepare to care for your children in a safe and prudent way.

COVID-19 Update

Each Sunday morning at 9:55 Jason and Heather Lapp are teaching Generations of Grace live on Facebook. Go to the BCLR member's Facebook page to join them. This is open to all BCLR KIDS of all ages and we encourage you to have your children attend. This will assist them in staying current with where we are in the curriculum.

As we prepare for regathering, in addition to volunteers cleaning on a regular basis there will be a team going into BCLR KIDS and performing a "super cleaning" prior to us gathering. We will also put away the smaller toys for the time being. You can count on your BCLR KIDS area to be clean and sanitized. We continue to have hand sanitizers that are available outside the classroom.
When we do return, we will be introducing printing two name tags for every child registered in BCLR KIDS. The purpose of the second name tag is for it to be placed on a roster notebook so that in an emergency the teacher only has to grab the notebook. This will also assist volunteers to have the name tag information in the rare case that a child eats their original name tag. 😊

If you have any suggestions or comments, call Mike Davidson at 501-993-6121

BCLR Kids Mission Statement

It is the mission of BCLR Kids to assist** the parents of BCLR members in the evangelizing and discipleship of their grade school children. We seek to provide godly instruction and godly examples to the children of BCLR infant to 6th grade, so that they might see  Christ in His Word and in us!
** By assistance, we mean that we are not attempting to either usurp or replace the God-given responsibility of parents to train and to raise their children (Deut. 6:4-7) in the “fear and admonition of the Lord” (Eph. 6:2). We are, however, committed to coming alongside parents to provide educational and other opportunities to point children to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Our Curriculum

Our grade school children use Generations of Grace curriculum by Grace Community Church. Generations of Grace is a biblically based and God-centered curriculum designed for children three years old through the sixth grade. Over a three-year period, this curriculum covers the Old Testament historical books, the life of Christ, and lessons from Acts and Revelation.
Every week, children in each age range learn from the same passage of Scripture in a way that is appropriate for their respective age levels. We call this a “unified curriculum.” A unified curriculum enables families to discuss one passage together each week, reinforcing the lesson that children have learned in equipping hour.
Generations of Grace is unique in its design to encourage a high degree of interaction between student and teacher. For students in the elementary grades, the Bible lessons are written in a question-and-answer format. This ensures that students participate in and understand each lesson.
Want to know what we’re studying this week?  Click here for a 2020 schedule.
Read more of our Philosophy of Children’s Ministry.

Our Team

BCLR Kids Director
Mike has been a member of BCLR since 1989. Mike met his wife Nancy at BCLR, and together they raised four children.  He has served on the deacon and the elder board. Mike's general responsibilities in BCLR KIDS is to make sure the teachers and volunteers have the resources they need to teach our children the Word of God.
Jason has been a part of BCLR since 1992.  He met his wife Heather at BCLR, and together they have served in BCLR Kids since 2013.  They currently serve in the 3 and 4-year-old equipping hour class, the 1st and 2nd grade AWANA group and have oversight of VBS.  They have three children who are currently in BCLR Kids.  Jason currently serves on the elder board at BCLR.  Teaching kids the gospel of Jesus Christ is a passion for both Heather and Jason.
Preschool Director
Janet and her husband have been members of BCLR since 2008. She homeschools their 5 children and enjoys doing all kinds of arts and crafts in her free time. With her family, she enjoys playing games and going for bike rides. 
Nursery Director
Daphne has been a member of BCLR since 2015. She was born and raised in Texas but Arkansas became her home when she married her husband, Michael. They have five grown daughters and ten grandchildren. Daphne enjoys spending time with her family, helping others, and traveling.

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