The Bible Church of Little Rock was conceived as a result of a conviction in the hearts and minds of a small group of men and women that, central to the ministry of the church, there must be a commitment to the authority, reliability and the relevance of the Bible – God’s revelation of Himself and His design for mankind. They shared the conclusion of Christians of another age that “the chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever” and that “the Bible is the only rule for faith and practice.” This commitment, together with an unwavering confidence in the call of God, led to the formation of The Bible Church of Little Rock in April 1951, and formal incorporation in January 1952.
The founding families gathered initially for worship, instruction and fellowship in a vacant house at 1810 Broadway, which was leased for $100 a month. In 1962, the congregation changed meeting sites to a building at the corner of Kavanaugh and Lee streets. As the congregation grew and the limits of further expansion at the Kavanaugh location were recognized, God’s will was sought for a piece of property in a growing part of Little Rock which was accessible from all parts of the community. That spot, a four acre tract of land in Little Rock’s Walnut Valley, became available in 1971 and plans developed for a move in 1974. Then, in 1990, a twenty-eight acre tract of land at 19111 Cantrell Road (Hwy 10) was purchased with the anticipation of building a facility, which would meet the needs of the congregation for many years to come. Construction on a new facility was begun in May 2001, and completed a year later. Our first worship services at the Cantrell Road location were held May 12, 2002.

Over the years, the Bible Church has been blessed to be led by some great expositors of the word, including Dr. Steven Lawson and Lance Quinn. The current Pastor-Teacher, Timothy Senn, is very much in that same tradition. Because of its long-standing reputation for faithfulness to the Scriptures, the Bible Church members have been blessed to have many noteworthy special guests fill their pulpit, including John MacArthur, D. A. Carson, C. J. Mahaney, Tim Challies and many others.

The Bible Church members believe now, as they did when the church began, in a strong commitment to building up believers through regular preaching, teaching, fellowship, prayer and service. In addition, we believe in actively serving our community, and aggressively pursuing the Lord’s mission to the world. We are a growing community of believers who accept the Bible in its entirety as the inspired Word of God and His direction for our daily living. God has spoken – we are to learn, believe, and obey.

The Bible Church of Little Rock is an autonomous, denominationally unaffiliated local church. However, this does not mean that we do as we please, or that we are opposed to believers in other churches. We acknowledge the oneness of all believers in Jesus Christ, whether denominational or non-denominational.