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The Model Prayer
December 1st, 2021
Praying Together 2021December 1, 2021Howard BennettMatthew 6:9-13- 9 “Pray, then, in this way:  ‘Our Father who is in heaven, hallowed be Your name. 10 ‘Your kingdom come.  Your will be done, on earth...  Read More
by Callie Anna Oxner
Concerning Prayer to One Who Made it All
November 1st, 2021
Praying Together 2021November 1, 2021Clint GoodeThe Bible, God’s Word to us, leaves the reader no question who is in control. As you read the Scriptures, it becomes abundantly clear that the Lord God ...  Read More
by Callie Anna Oxner
Learning to Pray
October 1st, 2021
Praying Together 2021October 1, 2021Lawson HembreeLearning a new skill or discipline often requires two things: observation and practice. For instance, someone wanting to play the violin will watch th...  Read More
by Callie Anna Oxner
Pray to "BLESS" Others!
September 1st, 2021
Praying Together 2021September 1, 2021Tim SennOne easy-to-remember method for praying for our loved ones, friends, fellow church members, neighbors, and co-workers is to employ the acrostic: BLESS.  H...  Read More
by Callie Anna Oxner
Three Reasons to Pray
August 1st, 2021
Praying Together 2021August 1, 2021James HenrichOur Heavenly Father listens to us when we pray. Really. God has time for you! “For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and his ears are open to t...  Read More
by Callie Anna Oxner
Help For My Prayer Life
July 1st, 2021
Praying Together 2021July 1, 2021Greg ScheidemanIt is really strange, when you think about it, that prayer is so hard! Prayer allows us to come up close for an intimate conversation with our closest c...  Read More
by Callie Anna Oxner
Gospel Prayerfulness
June 1st, 2021
The gospel reminds us that for our salvation—we desperately need God to step in. Prayer reiterates this marvelous truth and reorients our heart to God as our provider and sustainer: the One who works ...  Read More
by Callie Anna Oxner
A Parable on Prayer
May 1st, 2021
Praying TogetherMay 1, 2021Keith PhillipsPrayer, though natural to Christians, must be learned. This is why Jesus’s disciples insisted, “Lord, teach us to pray” (Lk. 11:1). In Luke 11, Jesus teaches t...  Read More
by Callie Anna Oxner
The Posture of Prayer
April 1st, 2021
Praying TogetherApril 1, 2021Paul HamlineWhen you saw this title, you might have been tempted to think, “Why would anyone write an article on the posture of prayer?” Is one’s posture in prayer importa...  Read More
by Callie Anna Oxner
Are We Allowed to Pray Aloud?
March 1st, 2021
Praying TogetherMarch 1, 2021Howard BennettBut you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret wi...  Read More
by Callie Anna Oxner
Prayer as Lifting Up Our Souls to God
February 1st, 2021
Praying TogetherFebruary 1, 2021Douglas AllisonTo you, O LORD, I lift up my soul. - Psalm 25:1 (ESV) Perfunctory is not an adjective we should like to be an accurate description of our prayer lives. T...  Read More
by Callie Anna Oxner
What Is Prayer?
January 5th, 2021
We want His will to be done rather than our own will. This does not mean we leave our needs or requests out of prayer, but we hold them open in our hands and lay them at the feet of our Sovereign God...  Read More
by Callie Anna Oxner