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A Parable on Prayer
May 1st, 2021
Praying TogetherMay 1, 2021Keith PhillipsPrayer, though natural to Christians, must be learned. This is why Jesus’s disciples insisted, “Lord, teach us to pray” (Lk. 11:1). In Luke 11, Jesus teaches t...  Read More
by Callie Anna Oxner
The Glory of the Lord
November 24th, 2020
The book of Ezekiel underscores the essential truths concerning the glory of the Lord and His transcendent majesty (1:1b, 28b; 2:3; and 3:23). Whereas the prophet Isaiah stressed the salvation of the ...  Read More
by Callie Anna Oxner
How to Read, Meditate on and Study the Book of Proverbs
June 1st, 2020
June Reading TipsJune 1, 2020Keith PhillipsIn our English Bibles, Proverbs is the third of five poetical books, the second of three books in the Bible designated as “Wisdom Literature,” the other two ...  Read More
An Evening Prayer: Psalm 4
April 22nd, 2020
Often called the “Evening Prayer”, Psalm 4 is another example of a song of trust from the grand hymnbook of ancient Israel. The occasion for David’s composing this psalm is likely during his flight fr...  Read More
by Douglas Allison
Two Veils, One Hope, Three Responses Part 2
April 11th, 2020
Two Veils, One Hope, Three Responses Part 2April 11, 2020 Keith Phillips Luke 23:47-59Why do we survey the wondrous cross time and again? It is because at the cross, every man, woman, student and sing...  Read More
by Elizabeth Senn
Two Veils, One Hope, Three Responses Part 1
April 10th, 2020
Two Veils, One Hope, Three Responses Part 1A post by Keith Phillips04/10/2020Luke 23:44-46Jesus has already endured a mockery for a trial. He has been slapped in the face, spat upon, falsely accused, ...  Read More
by Elizabeth Senn
The Day the Sun Refused to Shine
April 9th, 2020
The Day the Sun Refused to ShineKeith PhillipsApril 9, 2020 Luke 23:44-45Without question, the single most identifying marker of Christianity is the cross, as representing the cross upon which Jesus d...  Read More
by Howard Bennett
Safe and Secure From All Alarms
March 30th, 2020
Safe and Secure From All AlarmsKeith PhillipsMarch 30, 2020 In addition to being the ancient hymnbook of Israel, the Psalter reveals how the people of God turned to YHWH in the full range of their lif...  Read More
by Howard Bennett