fellowshipping together 2024

Our purpose in emphasizing fellowship in 2024 is to challenge each member to take advantage of spiritual relationships within the body of Christ, realizing that we need each other in order to grow spiritually to be like Christ! In genuine fellowship, we seek not only to enjoy one another’s company, but seek to be used by God to encourage and to strengthen each other’s faith in Christ through our own knowledge and experiences. Our elders would like to create opportunities for fellowship within our body in which members interact with others with whom they may not be familiar. Here are some of the details:

A. Education - First, we want to teach and to instruct you concerning the nature of fellowship – what is it and why does God say that it is so important?

1. “True Community” by Jerry Bridges. Each family will receive a copy. We will discuss this book in our Care Groups in the first part of 2024.
2. EH Class led by James Henrich on “Body Dynamics.”
3. Corporate Memory Verses and Evening Gathering lessons will focus on Biblical teaching concerning fellowship.

B. Events
1. Inject Fellowship! As far as events, our desire is to not create a lot of activities or programs, but rather to inject and infuse a fellowship emphasis into many of our current activities. We are asking each of our ministries to brainstorm and plan ways that they can promote Biblical fellowship within the life of the body.
2. “Fellowship Around the Table” – twice during 2024, we would like to hold meals in individual homes, in which we mix and combine members who are unlikely to know or interact with each other often. We pray that new friendships and discipleship relationships might arise from these dinners!